Conversion Survey

Please complete the survey on this page to receive your feasibilty study. This contains an estimate plus a suggested plan based on either a Dormer or Velux roof light conversion, including information relating to building regulations, planning permission, fire regulations and the Party Wall Act. Please check the areas of the UK in which undertake work.

Type of property: Help with loft conversion survey
Roof Style: Help with loft conversion survey
Intended use of conversion:
Number of tanks in loft:  
Boiler Type:  
Plan view of Property:  
Roof section of Property:  
Height of Roof:
Important: to measure height of roof take dimension from top of ceiling joist to underneath ridge board i.e. apex
feet, inches Help with loft conversion survey
Hipped roofs only:
Important: measure the length of the ridge from the party wall
feet, inches Help with loft conversion survey
Location of existing Chimney:  
Existing extensions:

Access to the Property:
Depth of House: feet, inches  
Width of House: feet, inches  
Do the existing stairs rise from:
Fire regulations:
Any other information or comments: